Scania sunvisor 1-14 scale gab
Scania Truck sun visor SFS gab 1/14
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Scania Truck sun visor SFS gab 1/14


Upgrade your 1/14 scale Scania Truck with our High-Detailed 3D Printed Sun Visor! Precision-engineered for realism, easy to install, and crafted with durability in mind. Elevate your RC hobby experience!

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Introducing the Scania Truck High-Detailed 3D Printed Sun Visor for 1/14 Scale RC Hobbyists! Elevate your RC truck to a new level of realism with this meticulously designed and precision-engineered sun visor.

Crafted using advanced 3D printing technology, every detail of this sun visor is brought to life with exceptional accuracy. The high level of detail adds authenticity to your 1/14 scale Scania truck, making it a standout in your RC collection.

Made from quality materials, this 3D printed sun visor not only enhances the visual appeal of your RC vehicle but also ensures durability and resilience during your hobbyist adventures. The easy installation process makes it a hassle-free upgrade for enthusiasts looking to add a touch of sophistication to their trucks.

Experience the perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship with the Scania Truck High-Detailed 3D Printed Sun Visor – an essential accessory for discerning RC hobbyists who appreciate intricate design and unparalleled realism in their miniature trucks!

No need for sanding! This model is smooth and ready for painting.

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