Scania S770 4 axle tractor chassis 8x6
Scania S770 5 axle tractor chassis 10×10
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Scania S770 5 axle tractor chassis 10×10


Scania Tamiya S770 5 axle tractor 10×10 chassis mud fenders included

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Fully assembled 4 axle chassis suitable for the Scania 770 TAMIYA cabs.

The frame and many accessories are made of stainless steel. Equipt with 8×6 axles with planetary gear for maximum power! Included with  7.2V motor, 3-speed gearbox and servos for differential lock are already installed.Introducing the LXY RC Truck Metal 10X10 Upgrade Chassis Frame Set, specifically designed for the 1/14 Tamiya Scania 770S. Elevate your RC truck experience with this precision-engineered chassis upgrade that combines durability, performance, and a realistic design.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Stability and Steering: The 10X10 chassis design provides unparalleled stability, ensuring your RC truck navigates diverse terrains with ease. Experience precise steering control with the improved rear power axle, allowing you to conquer challenging landscapes effortlessly.

  1. Premium Metal Construction: Crafted with high-quality metal, the chassis frame set ensures durability and longevity. This upgrade is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts seeking a robust and long-lasting RC truck chassis.

  2. Realistic Design Elements: The set includes meticulously designed fenders, side lights, and front and rear mechanical suspension components. These realistic details not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your RC truck but also contribute to an authentic and immersive driving experience.

  3. Upgraded Gearbox for Improved Performance: The new gearbox is engineered to deliver enhanced performance, providing a seamless and responsive driving experience. Whether you’re tackling rough terrains or cruising through open spaces, this upgraded chassis ensures optimal power distribution and efficiency.

  4. Efficient Wheel Axle Reduction: The wheel axle reduction feature is designed to optimize the truck’s handling and maneuverability. Experience smoother turns and better control as the chassis set reduces axle strain, enhancing overall performance during your RC adventures.

Compatibility: Specifically tailored for the 1/14 Tamiya Scania 770S, this chassis frame set is a perfect fit for those seeking an upgrade to their RC truck’s capabilities. Enjoy the seamless integration of the LXY Scania 10X10 chassis for an elevated and enjoyable driving experience.

Transform your 1/14 Tamiya Scania 770S into a powerhouse of performance and realism with the LXY RC Truck Metal 10X10 Upgrade Chassis Frame Set. Elevate your RC trucking adventures and conquer new challenges with confidence and style.

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